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TYB Summer Camp: E-Series

Thunder Youth Basketball Live Series Countdown


Thunder Youth Basketball Virtual Series Live

Here is where you will access your Live weekly sessions, be sure to join the series when the countdown ends!

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Download the HomeCourt app here. Create a free account and we will send you an invitation to join our exclusive E-Series team with a personal Leader board. Don't have iOS? Visit our at-home drills resource page for more chances to compete and earn Thunder prizes.

Home Court Drill of the week: Crossover Dribbling

At-Home Drill Resources

Click here to access your at-home drills.

At-Home Drill Leaderboards

Week 4 Is now Live!

Ages 6-9

Ages 10-14

Archived Live Sessions

All Live E-Series sessions will be available here. Just click the session you would like to re-watch and it will redirect you to the recording!


Session 1 (ages 6-9)                   Session 1 (ages 10-14) 


Session 2 (ages 6-9)                   Session 2 (ages 10-14)


Session 3 (ages 6-9)                   Session 3 (ages 10-14) 


Session 4 (ages 6-9)                   Session 4 (ages 10-14)


Session 5 (ages 6-9)                   Session 5 (ages 10-14)


Session 6 (ages 6-9)                   Session 6 (age 10-14)


Session 7 (ages 6-9)                   Session 7 (ages 10-14)


Session 8 (ages 6-9)                    Session 8 (ages 10-14)            


Session 9 (ages 6-9)                    Session 9 (ages 10-14)


Session 10